Snapshot of our week – Week 22 & 23

~ June 29th – July 12th ~

The weather has been cold and wet, so when the opportunity arises to get out and about on a day without rain, we take it. I’d read that Federation Square was setting up a dome and trucking in snow. I’d love to take the kids to see and experience snow on the mountains, but we’re not going to have the chance this year, so snow in the city seemed like a good plan.

snow bubblesWhen we arrived at Federation Square we discovered that the dome was tiny, only fit a single family in it at a time, and the line went on forever. There was no chance we were going to wait hours in line to spend 2 minutes in the dome, with what looked like fake snow. I suspect the real snow melted (the ground was all wet), so now they were using fake snow. Instead, the kids chased bubbles for a while and then we went looking or something else to do.

melb2It never matters how cold it is, water is always a magnet for children. They have to touch it.

melb1I thought we could go visit the National Gallery of Victoria, but when we got there we discovered it was closed that day. Disappointing, but the kids enjoyed playing with the water window again.

mirror2A friend sometimes posts photos of her kids at the “magic mirror” and I’d never been able to find it. Luckily she saw my “what can we do in the city?” post to facebook and told us where it was. And the kids loved it!

mirror1It’s quite mesmerising to stand in there and see the way everything reflects back.

mirror3Hang on… how many of me can I see?

melb4After the mirrors we took a walk a little way along Southbank, down a lovely spiral staircase and head back toward Federation Square. This is when our trip took an even more unexpected turn. We decided to take the elevator up, instead of walking up the stairs. Wrong choice! This photo is of us stuck in the elevator. The elevator got stuck between floors and nothing the emergency call guy got us to do would budge it. See that door in the background? It’s not a grey door. It’s a glass door looking out at the concrete beyond the door. And there’s a door on the opposite side with the same view. Thankfully I stayed calm, which kept the kids calm, whilst secretly I was running every movie-inspired scenario through my head. Ok, so in all honesty, the worst that probably could have happened was if one of the kids said “Mummy, I need to go to the toilet”. Help arrived within about 30 minutes and the kids spent most of it sitting on the floor with me, watching a youtube video about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. Might as well learn while we’re stuck yeah? Lol.

melb3Our butts were a bit cold from sitting on the cold elevator floor, so we went or a walk through the gardens. We were all curious what these kids were looking at…

treeWe finished our trip by walking through the gardens back to the train station. We thought this tree looked like it had a face, so Kyson and I decided we needed to give it some eyes.

minecraft bookKyson has started writing and illustrating a book about Minecraft. He said it might be a bit scary so he purposely made his words on the bottom of the page a bit squiggly to show they were frightened.

pickaxesKyson’s also been making pickaxes for when him and the girls do imaginary play.

cubby houseThe kids now have a castle to play in. Oh hang on… or is it a rocket? Or was it a cake stall….?

concentrationLittle Arlia has been practising her Minecraft skills. Concentrating always requires a tongue out of course.

aus puzzleThe girls still enjoy puzzles, but Arlia is always the most interested and also the best at them. She has a real keen eye for pieces that match.

blocksFairy castle!

laporchettaA while back the kids did a photo shoot for La Porchetta, so we have some meal vouchers. And boy do they looooove their La Porchettas hahaha!

bikeridingThree little cuties riding their bikes into the next week 😉 Thanks for stopping by.


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