Snapshot of our week – Week 24 & 25

~ July 13th – July 26th ~

We started out this fortnight with a trip to Lerderderg Gorge with some of our art supplies and a blanket. It was chilly out, but the beautiful surroundings were enough inspiration for some gorgeous nature-inspired art.

natureart1The girls started with oil pastels and then finished their pictures with some paints.

natureart2I think this is my favourite piece of art the Shayla has ever done so far. She was so careful while creating it.

homeschoolgroup1During the week we had a playdate at a fellow homeschoolers home. She was kind enough to open her home to a few families and organise a nature theme. There was lots of natural bits and pieces for the kids to play with and use their imaginations to get creative.

homeschoolgroup2These flying bugs were a favourite for the kids to create.

homeschoolgroup3Knowing there was a nature theme, the kids and I took along a couple of our Spiny Leaf Insects. The other kids seemed to really enjoy them and were happy to let them climb over their arms.

brimbank2Kyson and I had an afternoon alone together, so we went to the Brimbank Park homeshool meetup. It was a pretty quiet week with quite a few people missing it due to illness, but we still had a lovely time together.

brimbankWe went for a walk down to the river to see how high the water level was. It was probably the highest that we have ever seen it.

bedtimeworkEach evening at bedtime the kids choose a book for me to read to them. The Dr Seuss educational books are the favourite at the moment. One evening Kyson chose the book about plants. After reading the book Kyson told me he needed to do something and asked if he could get some paper. At first I was going to tell him it was bedtime and he could do it in the morning. And then I realised, why does creativity need to be constrained by a bedtime? So off he ran while I got the girls into bed. When I came out of their room I found Kyson at the table finishing up this lovely piece of work showing how a tree grows from a seed. No encouragement from me. Just a pure, interest-led display of learning.

arliaminecraftAnd this here is an example of some of Arlia’s work. How on earth can a three year old even create something like this on their own? She’s enjoying making structures with patterning through them at the moment.

scienceworks5We took a trip to Science Works and spent the afternoon play-learning.

scienceworks3Kyson spent a lot of time on this game. It was a digital reading of a time and you changed the time on the clock to match the digital time.

scienceworks4There was an Alice in Wonderland exhibition and these door were so cute. There was something different that you could see through each door. Some of them were kind of freaky!

scienceworks2This is Kyson’s very favourite activity at Science Works. He could spend hours on this interactive map flying over the city. He finds all his favourite landmarks such as the Bolty and Westgate bridges.

scienceworks1Shayla and I played this really cool interactive game. It gives you a task and a time frame to complete the task in. We had to create an eco-city and meet certain requirements. We won!

twinningWe finished off our week with a trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s house where we got to meet the kid’s new baby nephew. He’s soooooooo adorable. The girls were playing nicely in the kid’s room, so I took the opportunity to take a photo of them in the new dresses I made for them. They are so cute when they are twinning hehe.


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