Snapshot of our week – Week 26 & 27

~ July 27th – August 9th ~

bushwalking01I love that we can start off a new fortnight in nature. It’s still chilly and we didn’t head out until the late afternoon, but the sun was shining through the clouds and it was quite pleasant once we got walking.

bushwalking06We’re lucky that we are not too far from some nice national parks. This particular forest is one we have only just discovered. I was looking on google maps and saw a big section of green. Turns out it’s Long Forest Flora Reserve. So we looked up some information about tracks and managed to find one of the little tracks.

bushwalking03The kids were quite fascinated with the lichen growing on a lot of the branches. It led into a discussion about symbiotic and parasitic relationships.

bushwalking04We also found this cute yellow lichen as well.

bushwalking02There was a lot of moss growing along this particular walking track and it was so soft to touch.

bushwalking05Sometimes the track twisted and turned between trees, and then other times it would open up into gorgeous areas like this.

bodyShayla and I have been doing some investigation into the human body. We drew around her body on a large piece of paper and we’ve started adding organs to the body. This is Shayla adding the heart, but it also has some blood vessels and a brain now as well.

rocketKyson got this air rocket kit from a little friend for his birthday and he did a great job of following the instructions and assembling it. Then all three kids took turns launching the rocket and seeing how high they could make it fly.

mathsThis kid amazes me. Fractions? At 6?! Maybe he just likes pie 😉

geocaching01We’ve discovered Geocaching. I had read about it briefly in the past and thought it sounded fun, but never really knew where to start. Then I found the the Geochaching app for my iPhone and realised how easy it is! Our first cache that we searched for was actually in our favourite local park. We had no idea that we’d been walking over a cache all this time.

geocaching02After we found the cache we sat down by the lake for a little while so we could watch a couple of remote controlled boats on the water. Gosh they go fast!

fireworks01On Friday nights during July and August the City of Melbourne puts on fireworks displays in the Docklands at 7:30pm. We went a few times last year and it was great so we made sure we got down there again this year as well. This is Arlia waiting patiently for them to start.

fireworks02The fireworks didn’t fail to impress, and they were spectacular again. I’m not sure if I was more excited or the kids. The great thing this year was that the kids didn’t get scared at all by the noise.

fireworks03And look who joined us! Aunty Nikki!!

melbstar03Once the fireworks were over we went and had a little snack, and then we went for a flight on the Melbourne Star. It was a bit rainy outside, but the view was still amazing and the kids (including Nikki and I) really enjoyed it.


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