Snapshot of our week – Weeks 28 – 30

~ August 9th – 30th ~

IMG_4108This was a common sight for a week or so. The kids all tag-teamed the chicken pox and then a virus. Thankfully the chicken pox was fairly mild for them and they didn’t get any of the symptoms other than some spots (and Kyson and Arlia hardly got any spots even). The virus was more troublesome because they kept getting really high fevers that got close to 40 degrees Celsius and were tough to bring down. But other than that they were just tired and slept a lot. It was tough seeing them ill because it’s so rare for them to even get something as common as a cold. I’m so very thankful for their exceptional health!

IMG_4254While the kids were potentially still contagious we stayed in quarantine and only did activities like geocaching that we could do away from other people. This secluded area seemed perfect and it was so good to get outside after being cooped up for so long.

IMG_4345Kyson really enjoyed his first introduction to electronics. He created a little circuit that rang a bell.

IMG_4364Once we were finally contagion-free we went to our regular homeschool group in Brimbank Park. This tree was once again the favourite activity and Kyson kept asking me to take videos of him climbing it.

IMG_4370We made ourselves a bush shelter and sat inside to cook our imaginary marshmallows over the imaginary fire.

IMG_4379Thankfully we ended the month germ-free and in high spirits.


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