Mother’s Day 2015

~ May 10th ~ Today might officially be Mother’s Day, but these three cherubs make every day feel like Mother’s Day. Ok, so sometimes I don’t feel it until they are fast asleep and I’m watching their sweet little sleeping faces, lol, but even on the tough days I feel like the luckiest Mummy alive. […]

Why my kids aren’t going into mainstream schooling…

“Why did you decide to homeschool?”. I knew I’d hear this question many, many times. I mean, it’s completely normal for people to be curious when someone has made a decision that doesn’t conform with society’s idea of “normal”. To some degree it’s a question that makes me nervous. I know the reasons behind the […]

~ First day of Prep – The beginning of our homeschooling journey ~

Time to take some deep breaths… Ok, maybe a few more… Alright, here we go! Today marks the beginning of our homeschooling and natural learning journey. Kyson is 5 and 2015 is meant to be his Prep year, and the girls will both start as they reach Prep age as well. As this day has […]